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13 Tech Startup and SME Friendly Accountants

2021 Update: Just published a new list of 25+ tech, startup and SME friendly accountants and bookkeepers.

Unless you have a penchant for number crunching and government-related form-filling, tax returns, VAT returns, cashflow forecasts, balance sheets are probably tasks that you’d like to delegate. Let us not forget the UK’s record-breaking 17,000 page tax code.

To run a successful business, or just to keep your personal tax affairs in some kind of order, it’s re-assuring to have some professional help on-hand. But, how do you find an accountant? Simple…ask the #lazyweb and tap up your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

13 Small business and tech startup friendly accountants

Hiring an accountant

There’s some great advice around on when and how to hire an accountant, here’s some tips I’ve found useful:

  1. Get recommendations – the list above is a starting point and came from my network, but that’s a tech and media-centric bunch. It’s worth asking friends and other business owners who they’re using and what their specialities are. There seem to be a large number of ex-HMRC accountants who now do a great job on the other side of the fence.
  2. Gather your files – tax returns, annual returns, cashflow forecasts and possibly access to your accounting system. After your initial chat with a potential new accountant, you’ll want them to cast an eye over your books so you can get an idea of cost/time.
  3. Be clear about your requirements – one way or another you’re going to be charged by the hour, make sure the time counts and be clear what you want. The clock is ticking and it’s your wallet attached to the second hand. Some things to consider: annual return, annual accountants, quarterly VAT returns, payroll, P60 (end of year tax for employees), personal tax return, quarterly/monthly cashflow reports, book-keeping (invoices/receipts/general expenditure) for starters. Get an estimate before you say ‘yes’.

I hope that’s a useful starting point if you’re on the hunt for your first or a new accountant for your self or your business. Please do share recommendations or tips in the comments.

Updated 14 March 2017 – included JF Financial, MicroBusinessTeam

Updated 2 June 2021 – created a new list of startup, SME and tech friendly accountants and bookkeepers

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