Obligatory First Post

On any blog, there has to be a first post. This is it.

I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to use this blog/website/thingemy for yet, but I’m hoping that, by actually writing something it’ll become clear. For Chinwag-related musings, I’ll also be writing my blog on Chinwag, and no doubt contributing, time allowing, to the Chinwag Jobs blog.

It feels a bit odd writing something that’s related to me, Sam Michel, in fact it makes me clench slightly at the thought of it. I wish I had a more American perspective on self-promotion. Can’t have everything.

So, this is my personal thang. And just to be clear, I’m not that Sam Michel, or that Sam Michel and definitely not sporty enough to be that Sam Michel, ain’t Google great?. Still, be interesting to meet them. This is all very odd, so I’m going to quit now and return to the normal blather.


Inquisitive. Hopeful. Jovial. Cantankerous. Digital marketer. Event organiser. Long-time fan of tech, collaboration and innovation. Exploring digital, social, business, technology, society, psychology & startups. Founder Chinwag, Digital Mission, Pitch NYC, ChinwagPsych. Former Exec Dir, Social Media Week London. More short stuff @toodlepip on Twitter.

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