Zombie children

11792994_ffaaee87fa_m.jpg"Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go Out And Do Something Less Boring Instead?"

If you’re a child of a certain age (the show last aired in 1994) that’ll mean something to you. If not, you missed a cult kids TV show that implored yoof to get outside during their Summer holidays. Back in those days video games weren’t what they are now.

What brought this to mind was a series of photos taken by Wolfram Hahn that glared out at me whilst leafing through an old copy of Adbusters magazine. The collection, "A Disenchanted Playroom" is a study of children’s faces as they watch TV.

Their faces look glazed, passive, devoid of any emotion almost like their ‘off switch’ was flicked, just before the photo was taken. Do we look like that when surfing the web? Or playing computer games?

Hope not. Perhaps it’s time to get our more? Why don’t you?

There’s a detailed interview with Hahn on the C/O Berlin – International Forum For Visual Dialogues website.

[Pic courtesy of Grant Neufeld]

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