Blank Page, Blank Screen, Blank Mind

open to possibilities by Chris BlakeleyIt’s staring at me. A contest of wills. One that I can’t possibly win.

Who blinks first. Or rather types. Something. Anything. The bigger the document, the blanker the page. A sea of white pixels taunting me with their emptiness and the urgency of the document whose deadline is approaching or more likely just past.

I need help, another ‘screen break’ isn’t going to help. Some brutal concentration is required. Fortunately, Dr’s Write or Die provides some much-needed and not-so subtle motivation.

Write or Die from Dr Wicked.comI won’t spoil the surprise, but trust me, it’ll help.

Load the site. Turn up your speakers. Decide how strict you want to be. Start typing.

And whatever you do, don’t stop.

Or do. The first time you’ll smile. After a while the novelty wears off and Write or Die is quite the motivator. Well, until the biscuit tin/kitchen/kettle/TV/Wii starts calling next screen break.

[Pic courtesy of Chris Blakeley. Some rights reserved.]

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