The obligatory first post at Posterous

Well, there always has to be one. And this is it, the first post using Posterous. It looks like an interesting tool for capturing short thoughts, pics, videos and other tidbits whilst gallivanting around the web.

I’m also intrigued by the way Posterous could potentially act as glue between social networks, blogs and other tubs of digital stuff, like Flickr. What grabbed my attention was the notion of using email as they key posting mechanism, using individual addresses and subdomains to control behaviour.

So, you give up some formatting control, for easy of contribution. Makes sense really, to encourage contributions and let the Posterous system do the hard work of making it look pretty.

And then there’s the autposting functionality, which looks like it’s taken things a lot further than the Twitterfeed/ glue. As a starting point, my Posterous is set to link to Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, and the Toodlepip blog (which runs on Drupal). We shall see…

Posted from Posterous via email from Sam Michel


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