Banner Ad to Support Haiti

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I was working late when the news started to come in about the earthquake in Haiti. The sense of something major unfolding on an unimaginable scale reminded me of listening to the radio as I heard reports of the tsunami.

What can you do? Put your hand in your pocket. Done.

Next up, spread the word using the channels at your disposal. For me, one of these is using the advertising space on for worthy causes. We’ve helped Do The Green Thing in the past and using the space to help promote donations is a no-brainer.

I did a lot of searching for banners to use, as I’m conscious of copyright and keeping everything legit when there’s money involved. I tried Twitter to no effect and then through LinkedIn, was pointed in the direction of Oxfam Ireland who have a page full of banners (congratulations to their comms team for turning this round so quickly).

Unfortunately, none of them fit the size used on Chinwag (MPU – 300×250), so I’ve mustered my meagre design skills (and that’s probably overstating the case) to create a banner that’ll have to do in the meantime:

DEC - Donate to Help Haiti

This banner and the one on Chinwag are linked through to Disasters Emergency Committee (the UK organisation that coordinates numerous charities):

So, apologies on the copyright front. And apologies to designers everywhere, please feel free to use the Photoshop PSD or do create something better and share it here in the comments, or anywhere in fact. I’ll catalogue them on Chinwag if it’s helps spread the word.

Oh, and as President Clinton put it, “give money“.

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