Stop SHOUTING at me

251592918_0ace710020_m.jpgI’ve noticed that since the introduction of a second DVR (why don’t TiVo come back to the UK, sniff) into our household, the amount of TV advertising that I’m exposed to has dropped significantly. Fast forward button, you are my friend, I thank you.

However, when I do watch live TV, the adverts now drive me up the bleedin’ wall. Many are terrible, but there some works of marketing art. So, why the annoyance? The VOLUME. They’re so loud and apparently getting louder. Although regulatory body, Advertising Standards Authority have limits which they sometimes impose on how loud the ads can be, I find myself reaching for the volume control every ad break.

I hear from a well-informed source that the TV companies are asking for shows to be made quieter, so that the adverts still SHOUT at you during the break. And it’s not just me and my delicate lug holes that don’t like it.

One word: shhh.

And the regulators agree.

If I wanted to buy everything from people that shout at me, I’d shop exclusively from Evening Standard vendors.

[Pic: courtesy of hebedesign]

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