A Gastronomic To-Do List: 50 Tasks to Relish

Thomas Keller in the kitchen at the French Laundry by asmythieI like a ‘to do’ list as much as the next person.

I’ve dabbled with systems like Getting Things Done (anything with a tickler file, must be good, right?) and even managed to make some progress towards Inbox Zero.

Last night, by some quirk of fate I found myself hob-nobbing with the world’s leading chefs (as you do) at The World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2010 event.

My tally?

A pathetic four of the 50 restaurants listed. I really must buck up my ideas. Still, this is one task list that I’ll be delighted to tackle whenever possible. Sadly, my bank manager might feel differently.

And so to the list…

  1. Noma,
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. El
    , Roses, Spain
  3. The
    Fat Duck
    , Bray, UK
  4. El
    Celler de Can Roca
    , Girona, Spain
  5. Mugaritz,
    Errenteria Gipuzkoa, Spain
  6. Osteria
    , Modena, Italy
  7. Alinea,
    Chicago, USA
  8. Daniel,
    New York, USA
  9. Arzak,
    San Sebastian, Spain
  10. Per Se,
    New York, USA
  11. Le
    , Paris, France
  12. La
    , Cape Town, South Africa
  13. Pierre
    , Paris, France
  14. Hotel
    de Ville
    , Crissier, Switzerland
  15. Le
    , New York, USA
  16. L’Astrance,
    Paris, France
  17. Hof
    van Cleve
    , Kruishoutem, Belgium
  18. D.O.M,
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
  19. Oud
    , EA Sluis, Netherlands
  20. Le
    , Padova, Italy
  21. Steirereck,
    Wien, Austria
  22. Vendome,
    Gladbach, Germany
  23. Chez Dominique, Helskinki, Finland
  24. Les
    Créations de Narisawa
    , Tokyo, Japan
  25. Mathias
    , Stockholm, Sweden
  26. Momofuku
    Ssam Bar
    New York, USA
  27. Quay,
    Sydney, Australia
  28. Iggy’s,
  29. L’Atelier
    de Joel Robuchon
    , Paris, France
  30. Schloss
    , Graubunden, Switzerland
  31. Le
    Quartier Francais
    , Franschhoek, South Africa
  32. The
    French Laundry
    , California, USA
  33. Martin
    , San Sebastian, Spain
  34. Aqua,
    Wolfsburg, Germany
  35. Combal
    , Rivoli, Italy
  36. Dal
    Milan, Italy
  37. De
    , Zwolle, Netherlands
  38. Tetsuya’s,
    Sydney, Australia
  39. Jaan
    par Andre
    , Singapore
  40. Il
    , Siena, Italy
  41. Alain
    Ducasse au Plaza Athenee
    , Paris, France
  42. Oaxen Skärgårdskrog, Holo, Sweden
  43. St
    , London, UK
  44. La
    Maison Troisgros
    , Roanne, France
  45. wd~50, New York, USA
  46. Biko,
    Mexico City, Mexico
  47. Die
    , Baiersbronn im Schwarzwald, Germany
  48. Nihonryori
    , Tokyo, Japan
  49. Hibiscus,
    London, UK
  50. Eleven
    Madison Park
    , New York, USA

Offers of fine dining are seldom refused! Hint, hint.

Picture courtesy of asmythie. Some rights reserved.

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