Get Yer Code Off: Tool to Strip HTML

Scrubbing the platters by Jeremy Stanley

The problem with running lots of email discussion lists is that from time-to-time, all the clever filtering goes haywire and you end up with a page of HTML code, when you should have a nice readable paragraph of text.

For any coders removing the HTML tags and ending up with a plain text version is trivial. If you’re not a command line wizard, then there’s a bunch of tools you can download and install to do this job, but what if you want a simple web-based tool to strip HTML tags for you?

I went hunting for one, but couldn’t find anything useful, so decided to write one. And so I figured, why not add it to the website in case anyone else is after a trivially simple, but hopefully useful tool to get plain text from HTML.

Sophisticated, it ain’t. Useful, I hope it is. It’ll also remove Javascript, most XML tags and checks for any nasty code whilst it’s there.¬†Leave me a comment if you spot any odd behaviour or have any suggestions for extending it.

// Strip HTML Wizard

Photo (cc) Jeremy Stanley.

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