How to Turn On Gmail Priority Inbox for Google Apps

Gmail Priority InboxA couple of years back I started using a tool called ClearContext, which prioritised the 3-400 daily emails I receive based on their priority. Some special algorithmic magic looked at how often I read, how quickly I responded to automatically work out what was a priority based on my behaviour.

It was a real boon – apart from those difficult but important emails which I tried to ignore, don’t pretend you don’t do the same! – and helped me sift the daily waterfall of email.

Sadly, since the move to Gmail in January, I’ve been missing this functionality. Until now. When Google announced Priority Inbox for Gmail, I was very keen to get my mitts on it. Whilst my friends tweeted about its appearance and started to get to grips with a new way of working, I drummed my fingers, logged in, logged out and waited. And waited.

I keep looking for the option in the menu bar and well, nothing. Surely, there must be some magical option, or was Google just holding out on me? Perhaps it wasn’t being rolled out to Google Apps (which we use at work).

Turns out, there was no magical option, just me being a touch on the dense side, or, ehem, let’s say busy with work. If you’re facing the same problem, here are the incredibly simple (when you know how) instructions to make Gmail Priority Inbox turn up on your Gmail if you’re using Google Apps Premier edition.

Login to Google Apps control panel and choose the menu option for Domain settings and scroll down to the section labelled New Services and Pre-release Features. Make sure the option for Enable pre-release features is selected, then click Save changes at the bottom of the page (see pic below).

Enable pre-release features

You’re done! It’ll take a few minutes and you’ll need to logout, then login to Gmail and the option should appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen in bright, shiny red. Click to turn it on and see a short video, which I’ve included below in case you’re wondering what on earth this blog post is all about.

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