Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages

Brilliant. A very handy ‘how to’ on setting up Google Analytics for a Facebook Fan page. Bit fiddly, but better to have all those metrics in one place.

Chatting with Murray Newlands

Appearing On Bloomberg TV

OK, so they mis-spelt

Passive Aggressive Wi-Fi Hotspots Let Your Networks Say What You Cannot

From the genious Passive Aggressive notes via Gizmodo

When Babelfish Goes Bad

Wino’s hoping fuck with painter Incarcerated module be sweeter the ordinal instance around. Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, painter Fielder-Civil, has addicted that the exes are geared to be mated for a ordinal time.

Unlimited Gmail Accounts and Email Filtering

Dave Chaffey Nails Email Marketing in One Graph

via dav