The Best Job in the World? (for Cricket Fans)

In the midst of the frenetic activity of Social Media Week London #smwldn, I popped along to the BBC’s Sport & Social Media panel and caught up with Adam Mountford, producer of every cricket fan’s audio bible, Test Match Special (TMS) – and @tmsproducer on Twitter.

If you’re a fan of leather on willow – I’m talking about cricket people, stop being smutty – then this video will both inspire and annoy. Annoy – because the daily grind of travelling the world, watching cricket, eating cake and hanging out with cricket legends must take an awfully long time to wear thin. Inspire, because he’s, well, just such a nice chap. See for yourself…

Now I’ve spoken to Adam, I keep hearing his radio reports from the 2011 Cricket World Cup that’s just started in India and Bangladesh. With the hefty time different the radio reports and podcast coverage are coming in very handy.

Talking of which, if you’re a fan of both cricket and The Bugle podcast, the ginger satire monger and cricket fan, Andy Zaltzman is covering the tournament, blogging and podcasting his experiences round the subcontinent. It should be entertaining, if only for the diplomatic incidents that are almost certain to transpire.


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