18 Daft Facebook Buttons

In trying not to get distracted writing a blog post about the torrent of glossy new social features from Google+ and Facebook, I failed miserably. In fact, the rumours of new Facebook buttons: Watch, Want, Read plus a beverage or two start me thinking…but not too much.

Here’s the result, 18 Facebook-style buttons you’re unlikely to see – feel free to use on your blogs, etc – a credit and a link back here would be nice.

Facebook Meh Button Facebook 'nuff Button Facebook F**k! Button Facebook w00t Button Facebook Tweet Button Facebook Bore Button Facebook Skim Button Facebook Hate Button Facebook Sniff Button Facebook Chug Button Facebook Love Button Facebook Smiley Button Facebook Slap Button Facebook Huh? Button Facebook WTF Button Facebook +1 Button Facebook Kiss Button Facebook Yawn Button

Yes, silly, I know. And I’m sure just the tip of the iceberg? Got any more ideas? Let me know in the comments.

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