Without The Internet, Prostitutes Would Have to Find a Pimp Called Craig Who Had a List

It’s been one of those days, in fact one of those weeks. Knee-deep
in unexpected documents that demand total concentration. Six pages of
contract terms and conditions. Anyone? No, I thought not. Much to do
before the fun stuff.

And whilst we’re at it, add a spot of
post-swine-flu cough (OK, OK, a chest cold) that’s slowly moving your
lungs from their rightful place to the open atmosphere, much to the
disgust of your colleagues. I’m a joy to be around, no, honestly.

a rummage around YouTube will turn up some gems to lighten the mood.
First-up, Seth Meyers’ opening monologue from the Webby’s that happened
in NYC a couple of months back.

My favourite line is the title of the
blog post, but don’t let me spoil it…

Ashton Kutcher can’t be here tonight, I just wish there was a way I could find out what he was doing”. Nice.

And on a different tack, sometimes some unbridled negativity is called for. A serious bouth of kvetching can do wonders for yer ying’n’yangs. Check out the missive below from Suzi Barrett.

I’m just wondering where we find a London version…


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