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London Tech Week 2017 – 200+ Events in One Spreadsheet

<tl;dr>200+ London Tech Week 2017 events in one list</tl;dr>

UPDATE: New events added along with details on any cost to attend or if they’re free.

Navigating any tech event can be tricky enough, but when there’s a week of 180+ events spread out across a City, it’s particularly tricky. And that brings us to  the 2017 London Tech Week or #LTW taking place 12-16th June.

Unfortunately the pretty-looking website is <cough>tricky</cough> 🙄  to navigate so after a bit of jiggery pokery, I’ve put together a Google Sheet of London Tech Week events (see below for the embedded version or click for the full doc) that are live now on the official event listings.

On the plus side, there’s masses of interesting events for startups, scale-ups and all things tech, especially with an AI or VR flavour, though there are some hefty ticket prices attached for some events. As always, keep an eye on the fringe events, there’s some tasty morsels tucked away.

Organising a festival with that many events is a tonne of work. I have happy and exhausting memories of the shenanigans that went into keeping Social Media Week London as close to ‘on the rails’ as we could manage.

However, given that this is the Capital’s premiere technology festival, the event listings may need some attention, especially as the website’s presence in Google is, umm, somewhat limited.

Still on a brighter note, there’s a whole heap of interesting events to attend, see you there.

Pic (cc) James Padolsey on Unsplash.

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